Start•All® Jump•Pack™ 2500A • 12V • 18800 joules3S

Always Stay in Charge!

With the Start•All® Lithium-Ion Jump Starter & Power Pack – the most powerful jump starter in its class – you never have to worry about a dead battery or device again. Start•All® delivers maximum start-ability with the most battery capacity and initial starting power available. This lightweight, easy-to-use, and compact unit can do it all:

  • Jump starts gasoline engines up to an 8.0L and diesel 6.0L with an impressive 2500 amps and 18800 joules so you will never
    be stranded again.
  • Charges any USB device including cell phones, digital cameras, tablets, and gaming devices with multiple power ports so you will never be out of touch.
  • Powers mobile equipment such as your laptop or tools with the convenient AC plug.
  • Provides 500 lumens LED emergency lighting with SOS and strobe emergency functions.

Stay charged and in charge with Start-All® Lithium-Ion Jump Starter & Power Pack.

Includes jump starter with jumper cables plus 18V 100-240 VAC wall charger and 3-in-1 mobile adapter.

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Product Specifications:

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